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Who are we?

We are operators, marketers, disruptors.

Our journey started with a small restaurant consulting gig as a personal favour to an advertising client in our magazine, who needed a fresh perspective and authoritative guidance on their once thriving operation.

We brought something to the table that most Marketers and PR professionals miss, and therefore stood out immediately as a company working in a niche that very few could understand and crack - the high street Indian restaurants sector.

Fast forward a decade and we now help develop creative solutions for small and big businesses alike, build authentic product identities, appraise operations and their setup, and develop and nurture external partnerships. We also have access to over 30,000 and more product lines from factories around the world so are able to source a lot of things at very competitive prices. Check out our services page for a more comprehensive list of what we do.

Drop us a line if something is amiss in your operation. We don't do mass-market solutions, therefore are selective in the businesses we work with. If it's not for us, we will tell you straight. But if it is - we will have a lot of fun in making your business work and keep you involved every step of the way. Say hello and let's see if we are for you in the first instance. And vice versa...

Fast Turnaround

Whether you need a website designed, menu created, supplier sourced or staff trained - we move at lightning speed.

All it takes is a call

We offer a 30 minute consultation at no cost. This is enough for us to ascertain whether we can be of help.

We don't do magic

But we have been known to be called alchemists, amongst others. Ours is a practical approach. Check us out!

So that's us, in a nutshell.

Now, let's talk about you...

Who we work with

Our key sponsors

Matthew Clark is one of the oldest drinks distributors in the UK. Founded in 1810, the business primarily serves public houses, restaurants, bars and hotels within the mainland UK. We are proud to work very closely with Matthew Clark and all its subsidiaries in the hospitality sector.

Matthew Clark
Key Sponsor

Goldstar Chefs are a leading agency specialising in recruiting chefs and managers for restaurants, hotels and other catering establishments throughout the UK, pioneering new ways to address staff shortages within the UK/EU labour market.

Goldstar Chefs
Key Sponsor

RD7 works exclusively with DOJO payment solutions and we are pleased to be partnering with them. If you take card payments at your business, you want to be talking with RD7.

Key Sponsor


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